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Re: Ratings are in !

No, your bait was implying that since the ratings are down, the show obviously sucks. So, it's not the type of show some people watch, big deal. I'm not going to jump the ship and start hating it because the ratings dropped 2 points since the first season. The ratings are in no way indicative of the quality. To me, BSG is high quality. I thought the last two seasons of SG1 were high quality. I enjoyed Enterprise, especially the last two seasons of that. I absolutely adore Jericho. You know what every last one of those shows have in common? Low ratings. If people want to stop watching, let them. It shouldn't have any effect on us, and sure as hell doesn't have any effect on me and my viewing experience.

And, it ain't "blind adoration" for these shows either. I have more than my fair share of pet peeves, but it's good enough that those peeves don't really matter.
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