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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

You all knew this was coming, I had to do a Dark Mirror version of Federation One. So I now introduce Imperial One.

Since the Time of Empress Sato I and the discovery of the warship Defiant,
every starship used as the Imperial Seat while off the Terran home world
has downed the name Defiant in honor of that great warship.

Also Dubbed Imperial One when ever the Imperial Ruler is on board.

Imperial One is armed with its own armada of craft.

She is equipped with:
Nine Shuttles and Two Runabouts housed in her two primary shuttle bays.
Ten Warp Fighters that launch out of tubes above the primary deflector.
Three Heavy Warp Fighters house on the under side of the saucer section.
One Scarab Class Scout the is docked above the saucer section.

She is armed with:
Ten Quantum Torpedo Launchers, Forward and Aft Phasers
Ablative Armor, Multi Phasic Shields and has a sustained
Maximum warp speed of 9.975

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