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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

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Geoff, i really enjoyed this book. as with Mr Bennett, i was slightly concerned whether I'd enjoy your work coming in since i was new to your writing, but i did like it. whilst i wouldn't rate it as highly as i did/do OH, it was definitely a good book...

my review on my blog sez:

This is Geoff's first full-length Trek novel and it's a doozy. Told in a non-linear fashion, it starts with the epilogue - which actually takes place partway through the story and ends with the prologue which actually takes place after the epilogue and the rest of the tale.

Don't let that put you off though, it's very well written and it expands on some of the new characters in the Titan series, like Jaza, the science officer and Ra-Hevreii the chief engineer. One review I read slated it for not focussing on Riker and Troi, but not every Trek episode focuses on the captain anyhow.

Whilst the plot is some what convuluted and complex it's worth it, as it's a very compelling story.

Overall, 8/10
to contrast, i gave Resistance 8/10, Q&A 10/10 and Before Dishonour 9/10
Thanks, I'll take 8 out of ten any day.


On page 219 Vale is wondering why the Mater doesn't already know many of the events that have taken place- Titan's arrival, the destruction of the shuttle and her own watchdog vessel, etc. Over the course of the scene it becomes clear to her that they have shifted back in time but only slightly. When she actually sees the events on the Orishan view screen she puts it together that they've been shunted backwards in time albeit only by a couple of days.

I'm sorry that the sequence wasn't more clear. Next time (if they let me come back) I'll do better.

As for jaza:


I would love to see him come back and even had conceived a way for him to be able to in that story but, after discussion, it was deemed too big of a stretch for a book with so many convolutions in place already so we left him in the past.


No body (nor remains of any kind) is ever found and that is by intent. As a long time fan of adventure fiction, I am a true beleiver in the adage "No body, no death." If I see a corpse and it's identified as the person we expect, I get a bit pissed off when that same person shows up perfectly fine later with a crappy explanation as to how and why they managed it. If somebody gets killed by magic, they can be brought back. If they die by conventional means and we SEE them die, they are, IMO, dead for good. I call it Whedon's Law.

So, while Titan's crew beleive they know the end of Jaza's story, they absolutely do not. There is plenty of room in there for him to be seen again, though in what form I couldn't possibly say.

Though I do have some ideas...

It's taking me a little while, I know, but I am actually working on the explanation of the temporal shifting depicted in the book on the annotations site I'm building. Some people get it but some don't and that's my fault. I wrote it. Everybody should be able to get it.

So, the least I can do is explain it. Please be patient. It'll be up soon.
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