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Re: Ratings are in !

I don't know why people equate ratings with quality. Now you could perhaps make an argument for Ratings and enjoyment. After all we enjoy things that we know are both great to awful for various reasons.

I also have no problem with someone stating that the show is getting cancelled prematurely, because it is. Sure Moore and company have been given the great luxury of enough time to give the show a full season to end things (which is a great gift for a show). But does anyone truly believe that the producers and production company and studio and cable network originally only wanted a four year run?

Does anyone honestly believe that if the show had held on to 75% of its original audience that the show would actually end on its fourth season? I mean seriously, people.

Do I honestly think that the show could have used more time to tell those same stories? Absolutely. I would have loved more time to actually develop (instead of later just showing quick flashbacks) the New Caprica arc. I would have loved more episodes to show changes in the 2nd season instead of us just being told about it.

Am I a fan of the show? Absolutely. Even when I think they take the wrong path.

I also see no problem talking about the ratings of a show that has a set end date. I talked about TNG even knowing two years in advance when the end was. I still talk about Lost knowing when the end is going to be. So why the hell should BSG be any different?
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