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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I've been wanting to talk about the ENGLAND captaincy because it seems Capello will hand the armband to Rooney and has not decided on when or if Terry should have it.

I was wondering who do you think should be captain or is it really that important in your view ?

Personally I feel TERRY should NOT be captain because his behaviour at times is appalling and he seems like one of the mob when he harrases refs. Also he strikes me as the kind of player who chooses money over pride of playing for his club or country. I want the captain to be someone who is passionat about the sport and not his wallet so he can buy his half wit wife new shoes.

I do think Ferdinand might make a good leader...I would say James because he does work hard but hes prone to mistakes and would not be the right model for England captain.

Am not sure if there is a real leader there in the team at the moment ?
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