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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Also, when near a large gravitational body, you might get torque on your ship. Would that mean you can't engage the engines unless you are far enough away from a planet (unless you have enough structural integrity to survive).
Definitely. The scenario I envision has the ship dropping out of its warp envelope well away from any steep gravity well. I'd think it would re-enter normal space outside a star system and proceed at one gee -- banking gravity as it goes -- into the system, drawing off this "stored gravity" once it decelerates into orbit.

Thanks for the information about gravitational quadrupoles. The idea of using micromassive singularities for spacetime contraction and expansion has always fascinated me, at least since I first envisioned a science fiction description of an Alcubierre-Van Den Broeck warp drive for another project I was involved with. The difficulties of shielding the ship containing the singularities has been an interesting one to consider, and at one point left me writing of "spinning Podkletnov gravity shields" to deflect gravity waves.

Obviously, this historian is way over his head in the speculative physics department, and can sympathize with the desire expressed by Gene Roddenberry to tell stories "about people, not about science or gadgetry".

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