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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I disagree about the need for extensive structure, Cary. This thing can be a semi-monocoque structure, with the main framework lying deep within the saucer and secondary hull. That framework might have little to do with reinforcing the shape against momentum shifts under normal operating conditions. Reinforced hull structures made of exotic materials might do that work, while deep framing might only be there to lend support to the skin under extreme, abnormal stress.
I think maybe you're exagerating the point I was trying to make, Aridas. I wasn't saying that it needs to be a complete solid trusswork inside. But monocoque structures require both a skin and a "stringer network" to help it maintain its rigidity, after all!

What I was suggesting would be more along the lines of having the interior spaces "ribbed" fairly heavily. For instance, you might have three-foot ribbed structures coming out from the walls every six feet or so, with the tables arranged BETWEEN them... so that they'd serve as a sort of semi-partitioning structure (think restaurant booths). And those structures wouldn't have to be SOLID, they could be "webbed" wall segments.

Similarly, you might have pillar-like structures in the central portions of the spaces. And "archway" like structures along the ceilings joing it all together (much as we've seen in the TOS corridor sets, but a bit deeper).

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