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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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So looking at the reactions here have me wondering if maybe I'm going in the wrong direction. Would you guys actually be happier with something more like a manual (book type of thing) than a handful of sheets? There is tons of information here that might be better addressed in that format than just fitting it all onto a few 24" x 36" sheets.


I saw in another thread that someone didn't believe that the dorsal had much in the way of room to offer, so I quickly supplemented one of my earlier sketches of the dorsal decks with this idea for an Officer's Club on Deck 9 (to match up with a string of windows on the dorsal)...

And I included an example restaurant which seats quite a few more people in a much smaller footprint as a sort of proof of concept.

Anyways, it is amazing the amount of space in the dorsal that is so often overlooked.
I think PDF format booklet would be favourite for stuff like the above and a separate set of sheets could be used for the actual deck plans - especially if you're going with the "fill in the blanks" concept. So basically the same format as Sternbach's E-D blueprints; little booklet for the preface and the details and an accompaniment to the actual deck plans.

As for the officers club idea, I have to add my disagreement that the structure here is too insubstantial. there's plenty of volume on the fore and aft compartments to accommodate the major structural members and still leave room for the various conduits that'd run between the hulls. EPS, ODN, life support, water, Deuterium for the impulse reactors, even some GNDN's.
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