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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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So looking at the reactions here have me wondering if maybe I'm going in the wrong direction. Would you guys actually be happier with something more like a manual (book type of thing) than a handful of sheets? There is tons of information here that might be better addressed in that format than just fitting it all onto a few 24" x 36" sheets.

What I like about the booklet idea is that it would better document some of your design process, as well as your actual design. As you know there have been many attempts to map out the Big E, and over time, the reasons behind each attempt's various design choices become lost.

I have a variety of design ideas for my own take at a Big E layout. Whether those ideas ever come to fruition in a tangible form, I would try to document the reasons behind the design, so that years later -- assuming anyone still gives a crap about the designs -- they can get some idea of what craziness I was thinking at the time.

Another thing I like about the booklet idea is that it's unique. To my knowledge, no one else has done anything like this, so by default, your ideas would get a degree of attention that few others would enjoy.
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