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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
There's nothing in the way of human sacrifice, though. It's all about the vine. It's sort of a straightforward monster story, in a way.
Aha, a vine monster. I can relate to that.

We're not given much information about where the vine might have come from (some people didn't like that--I don't really care, unless it has some sort of meaning)
It's always nice to see a writer come up with a clever explanation for stuff, but it's not really necessary; the mystery can often add to the creepiness factor.

I don't know if I think it's the best horror novel of the 21st century so far (per Stephen King's cover blurb), but it's a pretty tense tale.
Is it just my imagination, or does he say that about a lot of books?

Plus, you have to like the premise: "Aging rocker buys a ghost on the Internet."
He stole that from Courage The Cowardly Dog!

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
I think Hill is a better writer than his father on a prose level, but less able to come up with an engaging narrative and characters.
King was never a great writer, per se, but his post-modernist style was innovative back in the day; and he was great at re-writing the classic themes. On a technical level, his greatest gift was his ear for the common people.
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