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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Daedalus12 what do you think about the face that it looks like AC Milan has won the race for Ronaldinho.

Personally a waste of money IMO and you need to buy defenders before attackers.
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What formation do Milan play these days? I'd imagine that it would have to be 5 in the middle to accomodate both Kaka and Ronaldinho.
It's nowhere near a done deal as people like to think. It can backfire any moment until he actually signs the contract.

If we get R10 for 20 million euros then it would be a very good gamble. If R10 recovers his form in a new environment then it'll be the buy of the year. The fact is he is still only 28 so there is a possibility of some good years left in him.

Our defense has some issues (like unreliable goalkeeping) but our most pressing concern right now is actually the forward position. The CB pairing of Nesta/Kaladze are very good and with Zambrotta almost certainly arriving this summer the fullback position will be fairly covered. However our attack has been quite stagnant this season. The goal scoring output will be lowest in about 8 years.

So basically Milan is looking for Zambrotta, R10, a big forward i.e. Drogba, and a GK i.e. Frey.

Our formation of the last 6 years has been alternating between a diamond 4-4-2 and a Christamas tree 4-5-1. IN recent years the team has been playing mostly in the Christmas tree formation.

Diamond (2005 CL final)


Christmas Tree (2007 & 2008)

*Maldini also played a lot of CB with Jankulovski at LB

If Ronaldinho arrives he takes the Seedorf position in the Christmas tree formation.
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