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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Tidbits From 'Grand Slam XVI'

Whoever Vic Holtreman is, and honestly if I never find out it'll be too soon, if Kirk's selfless death to save millions of people who'll never know of his sacrifice is "ignoble," I'm guessing Vic's idea of a noble death would be the Terrell Owens route -- "Look at me, people! That's right! I'm sacrificing my life for you! Me the living legend with the spotlight right here! This is a selfless act that'll be talked about forever! I could talk all day about my humble acts of heroism! I'm doing this for you because that's just the type of man I am, a man who doesn't have to boast about the heroic and noble deeds that are too many to count, but you can read all about them in detail on my web site! I'm not doing this for the credit, but it's important that you know your next breath is because I gave up my last breath! You'll tell your great grandchildren about how I went out in a blaze of glory to do such a selfless deed!"
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