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Spiner At Grand Slam XVI

Being typecast was as Data was not a problem for Brent Spiner. As reported by, Spiner was instead typecast based on his role as the scientist in Independence Day. "People have asked me if I was typecast for playing Data on 'Star Trek', for like 150 years," said Spiner. "And truly I was not, because what other roles are there like that? But I was typecast as the scientist from 'Independence Day'. I am in a movie right now, a really terrible movie, called 'Superhero: The Movie'. The director called me, actually a really brilliant guy, and he called me and told me he had a part...of a scientist. 'How funny you should think of me as a scientist'. I just did a voice-over role in a cartoon film the other day. What is the role? A scientist. Can I tell you, I know nothing about science!"

Spiner also discussed the last Star Trek: The Next Generation film. "I think Nemesis got a bad deal. Itís not great, let's face it. I think it has its good moments and its not-so-good moments. The moment everybody seems to love is when Data gets blown up. To me, that was a no-brainer. This was the last time we were going to do a movie together and so we have to do something big at the end. So, for Data to finish his journey by sacrificing himself, doesn't that seem like the right thing to do?"

When asked if he took anything from the The Next Generation set, Spiner admitted to taking his visor from the All Good Things episode, as well as "wearing home" his First Contact uniform.

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