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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Fandom High, a multidimensional public high school for characters of any and all fandoms, is now accepting applications for students and teachers for the summer term. Applications will close on April 22, 2008 with the next application period in mid-summer.

This is a multi-fandom rpg played out on Livejournal and while some people plan elaborate plots, most of the game involves improvisation. We have three specific character types. Students are usually between the ages of 14 and 19, live in the dorms with roommates, and attend classes. Teachers teach at least one class a week, hold office hours once a week, and live in Fandom Town. Townies work live in town and run local businesses.

If you'd like, here are examples of a town post, a class post, and my own student character's journal. We also have crack plots like this.

You do have to commit some time since this is a fast-moving game. You don't have to read everything, as there is a nightly summary of the day's activities, but you do want to check in often enough for opportunities to throw your character into a post. The pace is the most hectic for student characters.

While applications are open to all fandoms, I'm specifically looking to recruit some more Trek characters. I currently play teenage Hoshi Sato and we also have a teenage Naomi Wildman in game, and we've had Geordi LaForge and Quark in the past. I would personally love to see a Malcolm Reed or Dr. Phlox join in. And as an FYI, townie applications are always open at this point and we do need some more doctors for the town clinic.

I'd be happy answer any questions you have about Fandom High. I'm a regular here at TrekBBS and you can always PM me.
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