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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

It's a return for me rather than a welcome, but I suppose for the benefit of people who don't know me I can self-describe...

I studied Physics as an undergraduate at Uni. Cambridge during the 90s. I spent most of the rest of the decade in Software until the dot-com bubble burst which essentially put me out of a job, although cleverly extricating myself the right time () left me in a better financial state than some!

I returned to Cambridge in the early 00s as a (slightly) mature student to complete my doctorate in the field of Computer Science, my thesis being on some obscure applications of networking and neural nets, the research which it contained will surely benefit the future of mankind for generations to come (yeah right... ) as it gathers dust on a shelf in the CS library (it was an enjoyable time, honestly!).

I currently work for a large well-known web services company in London, UK, who I'm sure are putting my talents to good use.

I maintain a keen (although increasingly amateurish) interest in all things science, particularly Quantum and Particle Physics, Relativity and Cosmology.
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