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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Obviously the design decisions are yours and aridas' to make, so anyone else's opinion -- even mine -- are secondary, if important at all.

I like the "core" of the current design -- basically everything except the wraparound rollbar, which looks as if it were slapped on rather than an integral design component.

All in all, I like how the design is progressing. Keep up the good work!

EDIT: The rollbar doesn't look slapped on from the aft ventral views. The sloped, connecting neck helps to make the rollbar look integrated into the design, as does how the front edge of the rollbar meets the ventral disc at the same radius as the radial fins just outboard of the rollbar/disc intersection. In the views that I've seen, the rollbar only seems slapped on from the front. The rollbar has that snubbed point that looks as if it's floating above the cylindrical hull for no apparent reason. Maybe the rollbar and main body would look more integrated from the front if the interconnecting strut were extended forward so that it's visible from the front. Just a thought.
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