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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Sorry... I'm facing some work projects which need to take precedent over personal projects, so the notebook may be a little delayed.

Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
I'll be happy just to have examples of the sets and the ship in the same scale.

It'll give me a better idea of where I have to fudge things.
I'm not scaling the set plans to a ship (because people disagree on the size of the ship), but I will be displaying cleaned up plans on a 10 foot by 10 foot grid pattern. That should let anyone wanting to scale them to some exterior pretty easily.

Here are a few example thumbnails of pages so far...

I'm including a list of ship locations, Jefferies' plans (if available), Jefferies' sketches (if available), contours of screen caps, and other info shown in my sketches in this thread. They're design to be printed on 11" x 8.5" sheets, I tend to also use the backs of the previous pages for notes and sketches.
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