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Re: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead

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very enjoyable, as always. I sense tension in Leone's marriage. Wasn't she divorced in the other eps?

Whoever is flying those fighters is brave-I wouldn't take on a starship with a space-going F-16!
Krystine and John (he took her name when they got married, btw) are still married when she takes command of Farragut. I haven't featured them too prominently within the series, yet, but they're mentioned in the pilot episode when Ariel meets Krystine in her stateroom in part one.

Yes, there is a little tension, there. She's a career officer. He's a career propulsion and power expert. Their son is being raised by Krystine's parents for the most part, so the family doesn't gather in the same place all that often. And even with Farragut being able to accommodate families, she doesn't ask that her eleven year-old son join her. She's more comfortable with him being safe at home. Though, he does visit in the first season.

The fighters were a concept borrowed from Best of Both Worlds. When the Borg cube is advancing into the Sol system, it's met but these three cylindrical fighters that get destroyed with three blasts from the cube. I figured, those weren't the first time the Federation used small interceptors.

We find out who's piloting those older craft in the coming Acts.

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