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Re: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead

(continued from previous post)

Dawkins grinned. "All right." He began to manually target the fighters, firing where they would be, rather than where they were. With each shot, he drew closer and closer until the beam singed the side of the craft. It broke off, immediately, as did the other fighters.

"They're disengaging, Captain," said Leone.

Ariel added, "As are the others docked to the freighter."

Dawkins kept firing, hoping to scare them off, now that he had their evasive maneuvers in mind.

"I think they got the point, Dawk," said Leone softly. "Cease fire."

"Aye, sir. Going to weapons' hold."

"All departments, make your damage report to the executive officer," ordered T'Cirya over the ship's intercom.

Leone moved back to her customary position near the captain. "Ariel, is that freighter reported missing?"

"Two days' overdue out of Galorndan Core."

"Any lifesigns left on the freighter?"


She turned to T'Cirya. "Sir?"

"You're authorized for an away mission. Proceed with extreme caution."

"Aye, sir," nodded Leone. She snapped her fingers. "Dawk, get your team together and meet me in ten minutes, Transporter Room One."

Lieutenant Dawkins slapped his communicator and lifted himself out of the tactical console. "Dawkins to Security. Boarding team alpha, report to Transporter Room One. Prep for no-atmo, full gear, ten minutes."


And they haven't even gotten to Turkana IV, yet.

Thanks for reading,

-- ZC
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