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'Star Trek XI' To Go to Post-Production

A local traffic accident revealed the presence of 'Star Trek XI' filming in the Bakersfield, California area.

As reported by, local television coverage of a traffic accident let the cat out of the bag, leading to frustration for Kern County Board of Trade executive Rick Davis. "They need to work quietly and confidentially so they can get their work done," he said, "so next year, we can enjoy a great movie and know portions of Kern County were included in that. That's what the office stands so proudly behind."

Kern County is standing in for James T. Kirk's birthplace of Iowa, according to a Paramount representative. "Iowa usually looks pretty green, so that's what we were looking for," she explained of the choice to film in Kern County.

This is not your father's 'Star Trek,'" the rep said about Star Trek XI. "It's a whole new cast, a whole new group, completely different from anything people have seen before and hopefully the old fans will like it as well as garnering new ones."

Shooting began on Monday and recent filming took place on a part of the property away from the road. According to the representative, none of the lead actors were out on the property, and there was no real action in this scene, just moving shots. Filming is due to be finished at the end of the week and the movie will then go into post-production.

To read more, head to the article located here.

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