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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

[quote=Angel4576;1520655]What a great situation.

Hicks wants Parry to resign because he fears that he's siding with Gillett. If Parry won't resign then Hicks needs Gillett's support to sack him.

Something tells me that Tom Hicks may be waiting for a while......


Hicks can want parry to resign all he wants - as the current LFC board stands like this - Hicks & son vs Gillet & son & Parry & Moores

2 vs 4 - and a distinct possibility of the board (majority) voting for no dividends to be given to themselves - which would put Hicks in somewhat of a quandry - no money coming in from the club, yet a 30million debt (or his share of) to service the interest on the takeover-loan to find.

Personally Parry should go (after he has served his purpose in isolating Hicks so that we may get new owners - DIC) - he's been far too inept for far too long and a complete idiot for not checking out how Hicks has made his money from leveraged buyouts or insisting on an iron-clad takeover contract that would've protected the club from being plunged into debt... let alone his other failures re ticketing, merchandise, the new stadium, investors, etc
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