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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

My bet is that you'll like Firefly. I do - tho I don't think it's the best show EVAAHHH!! - and here's how I stack up with your choices:

- nuBSG - very good, thought-provoking, sometimes too messy, self-indulgent and aggravating
- DS9 - best sci fi series ever (tho Lost is gaining fast)
- Babylon 5 - very respectable; what I liked in DS9, I generally like in B5
- Farscape - all over the map; if you can tolerate its garbagey stuff, you'll be rewarded with brilliance
- ST VOY - urgh; but hey, it's Star Trek!
- ST ENT - three seasons of urgh, one of hey, this is good...
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