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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Bakersfield Filming

Back in 2004, I took my family out west on a two-week driving trip. Our planned return time just happen to coincide with Riverside, IA's 20th annual Trek Fest so we stopped for it. It's a small farming community of less than 900 people and the downtown area was small but they accommodated quite a few people. It was kind of like a small county fair with a Trek theme. They had a parade with floats, a costume contest, fan-made props and sets, a crafts sale (Trek and otherwise), and in a barn they were projecting TOS episodes on a small screen. Of course they had food and some music. It was a very inviting crowd and the entire event was very Americana in its feel. I'm a bit disappointed that JJA didn't actually film there. Perhaps the townspeople don't want a film crew there, especially after the debacle that was Shatner's "Invasion: Iowa." He really pulled one over on a very nice group of people. It was embarrassing to watch how Shatner and his crew took advantage of their kindness and neighborlyness.
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