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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

First of all, thanks to everyone for the many comments so far! There's really a lot of interesting points here and I can definitely imagine liking Firefly (plus I just remembered that Whedon is a big nuBSG fan just like myself which could be a good pre-requisite).

Suffice it to say I'll be watching the show one way or another (the DVDs are a likely way for me to go - as some have pointed out they're not that expensive).

Haytil wrote: View Post
It's available for completely free, legal streaming on Why don't you just watch the pilot episode and judge for yourself?
I hadn't thought of that but it comes with a common problem: US only. Proxies might work but I've found e.g. with SciFi's Rewind that it won't necessarily work.

dragunzng wrote: View Post
As to the OP's question, really the only way you'll know is to watch the show
I agree completely. Still, I enjoy reading what you people think and what draws you to or repels you from Firefly

Hirogen Alpha wrote: View Post
Although I love Farscape, I don't really equate it with Firefly. Their styles are very, very different. As for worrying about strange aliens, don't. Firefly is a 'dead' universe similar to nuBSG's--there aren't any aliens to speak of.
I'm happy to hear that. I find I've become more and more uncomfortable with the types of aliens featured on Trek or Farscape for that matter. I usually don't perceive them as very alien anymore but tend to notice all the makeup or puppet work which makes them very artificial to me.

If there's aliens involved they just need to 'feel' alien, I think.

HRHTheKING wrote: View Post
Do you think I'd like Firefly?
I don't know.

But I love it.

Watch it and judge for yourself.
Having read the many, many great comments here that's what I will be doing

Leroy wrote: View Post
Justtoyourleft wrote:
Shows I don't like (no particular order):

- Farscape
Not to pick on you or anything and you have your opinions and I'm fine with them it's just lumping Farscape in with Ent and Voy just seems wrong somehow.
The honest truth is that I probably haven't seen enough of Farscape to really be a judge of that...

Kegek wrote: View Post
Odd. Even when I hated Farscape, I loved the alien look. It's what eventually got me around to trying the show again. The muppets; the makeup and prosthetics, the weird interior of Moya - all fantastic. It's one of the best looking space opera TV shows around, IMHO. Love the show now; what it's good at it's great at.
That's really interesting. The look of Farscape isn't down my line at all. For me, the best-looking SciFi show right now is nuBSG.

I'm not too fond of the design of the Serenity, mind you, but that's just a minor complaint at this point.

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
To ease your confusion. This is the correct order to watch them in:

Serenity (episode)
The Train Job
Our Mrs. Reynolds
Out of Gas
War Stories
The Message
Heart of Gold
Objects in Space
Those Left Behind (Comic Book Mini-series. Optional)

Don't go by the order they were aired, and certainly don't watch Out of Gas first. Some character knowledge is needed, and the experience will be ruined.
Thanks for that info! That's good to know. It's such a nuisance that they tend to make a mess out of these things when they're airing the shows and/or on the DVDs.

Ethros wrote: View Post
OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
Heart of Gold
Objects in Space
Those Left Behind (Comic Book Mini-series. Optional)
Plus now there's the comic "Better Days" to go in between Objects in Space and Those Left Behind (although only 2 of the 3 issues are out yet)
I'd have to say I've never been much of a comic or novel reader when it comes to TV shows. I don't really know why but it only feels 'real' to me (for what that's worth where a TV show is concerned ) when it's filmed.
Still, thanks for the hint!

LitmusDragon wrote: View Post
There's this kind of sarcastic self-aware quality to the writing that I was never entirely sold on.
Interesting. I'll be curious to see how it comes across re. how I'll perceive it.
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