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Re: You think you have what it takes to be a Starfleet Marine?

;854408 wrote:
"The year is 2388. USS Melstone, a Sovereign-Class Starship, is on a routine patrol when an unidentified ship opens fire, destroying her shields, and shutting down her engines. Her communications are jammed, and boarding parties transport onboard, at least 100 hostiles. If she was just your run of the line ship, Melstone?s security teams would have attempted to fight off the intruders, and probably failed. However, she just happens to have the 7th Battalion of Marines detached to her, and with the help of the 1st Platoon of Light Infantry (The Centurions), and the Powered Infantry of the 3rd Platoon (The Robots), as well as a few members of her SpecOps team (equivalent to the S.A.S. or Delta Team), Melstone fights off the hostiles. The unidentified ship quickly goes to warp, and is lost."

Recruits have over 600 positions to choose from, with the 7th Battalion taking up 470 of them, ranging from jobs in the Light and Powered Infantry to jobs in the Aeromobile Squadron, The SpecOps team, the Quartermaster Department (which includes musicians, JAG officers, R&D and a helluva lot more), the Combat Engineers, the Medical Corps, the Armoured Vehicle Company or the Mecha Battalion. Of course, there are positions in Starfleet as well, with many positions still open.

The USS Melstone is an informal, play-by-forum RPG, with a quite a few committed simmers. Have fun (yeah I know that sounds lame) in a friendly (sometimes) and safe (errr) forum, where all people are accepted (except for non-Trekkies). The USS Melstone has also recently had international fame in the International Star Trek Magazine, when one of her members wrote in and mentioned the USS Melstone. (ok so that was me)Below are pictures done by one of her members (okay so it was me again).

USS Melstone was re-done so to speak as of December 2007. Now we are in need of some devoted members whom would be interested in joining the melstone. Anyone is welcome, we have got a little bit of fame in the past as we were featured in Star Trek Magazine letters from someone called Darz Rixx (August 2006 edition I believe) so anybody is welcome to join!

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