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Re: My Star Trek Fake Footage Contest Entry

General consensus is it can fly in the atmosphere if you want it to because it's a pretend spaceship in a fictional setting powered by make-believe physics.

OF COURSE there are always those who believe that their way is the ONLY way and that the studio should listen to them because they are the end-all expert on all things Canon and Holy regarding Star Trek, forgetting that the studio is in charge of making new new "canon" and developing the franchise not the loud-mouth fan with all the technomanuals and every fan-site on the internet bookmarked on his laptop. If the studio decides it can be built on Earth, and launch from the ground than That Is The Way It Is, because that is What They Decided. They are in charge, not us. Either accept that things are changing and change with them, or move on.

Ahem. Congrats on wining.
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