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Re: Who Watches the Watchers?

In the name of "pure science"? Like what, pray tell?

Well, there was that doctor in Germany that created a man sown together from other corpses. What was his name? Victor.. or Henry maybe? Can't remember.

I really liked this episode the first couple of times I saw it because I didn't clue into the anti-religion message until later. Now I cannot watch it without seeing it from stem to stern. (Yeah, I know.. I'm oblivious. I missed the 'gay' message in The Outcast also.)

One thing that always bothered me about how humans were portrayed as being godless by the 24th century (there were a few references in TOS) is that its completely implausible. Last I saw the number was around 90% of the population believing in some sort of spirituality, and no great avalanche towards atheism had begun or even been indicated. So there's not one Christian or Hindu officer in all of Starfleet? Really? I think this episode could have been so much more interesting if there was even just one dissenter to counter-balance Picard.

I think that may be one of the reasons why I really liked DS9 so much. The Bajorans were not only religious, they were diehard ultra-religious. What does Kira do when they're in a bad situation and her commander is bleeding out on the ground? She prays over him. I'm a fairly religious man myself, but I'm not sure I'd have the stones to pray over my atheist CO.
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