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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

and with Leeds slipping into the playoffs, as much as it pains me to say, they'll probably come up.
I know everyone in the UK outside of Yorkshire hates us, so I'll let that slide (why, I've yet to determine. Rowdy fans that sometimes act like asses? Doesn't every club have that bad element? Hell, at least we have better support than Middlesbrough week after week, and we're in League One). I'm American so few people know the Leeds shirt, and everyone else just likes Man Utd and Chelsea.

Anyway, though I fervently hope we'll go up this year, I don't think it will happen unless we get our 15 points back. We're in the playoff places, sure, but we collapse in the run-in to the end of the season every year.

The way I think about it, sure it hurts to be out of the top flight, but I'd rather the club spends some seasons in the lower leagues stabilizing itself than be one of the yo-yo teams that constantly get promoted one year and relegated the next. Year after year. No disrespect to Derby, but I'd hate to get to the Premer League just to get thrashed every week. I remember how it felt to get relegated twice.
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