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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Derby are diabolical.
I wonder if Starkers prefers them in the premiership losing most of their matches or in the Championship winning most of them. If I am a fan I think I'd prefer the latter.
Yeah I'm most definitely looking forward to the Championship, it'll be nice to win a game again!

I wouldn't say we were diabloical anymore, our major problem currently is scoring goals. Just look at recent games: we lost 1:0 away to Everton, with slow old man Darren Moore marking 11million Yakubu out of the game. We were unlucky to lose 1:0 to Man Utd, and on balance of play really should have beaten Fulham last week.
Will we go down as the worst Prem team ever? Possibly, but I suspect there are a few surprises still to come before the season ends. But even if we do, I guarentee we won't be the worst team for long. Bristol City? Hull? Stoke?
End of the day though we go down richer than we were last time in the CCC, with a far better manager who has a record of not only getting teams promoted but keeping them up.
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