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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Fantastic game. Probably the best all-English game in the Champions League so far.

Over the two legs there wasn't really a great to choose between the two sides, but probably, just about, Liverpool deserved it. They were more dogged in defence, and showed more focus in terms of not conceding right after they'd scored. Arsenal played some fantastic attacking/passing football in the first half an hour, but once Liverpool equalised, their fragile confidence came to the fore again. A shame really, as they've graced the competition again this season.

So, Liverpool Vs Chelsea. Again. Liverpool are probably better than in their previous meetings, and Chelsea possibly worse, so, watch Chelsea go and win now!

In the other one, it's looking like Man Utd Vs Barcelona, which potentially, could be another cracker.

Whichever way you look at it, we should get a decent final this year again.

Re Derby, Woeful. Even, as a Derby fan, I'll readily admit, that from memory, the current side must be the worst team to ever play in the Premier League, and proves what many people theorised at the end of last season, that really, we should never have come up.

I'm sure that Paul Jewell will make wholesale changes in the close season and over the summer. We have the money, we just need to offload the dead wood, of which, there is a considerable amount. Billy Davies certainly had an eye for spotting players that could perhaps overachieve in the Championship, but as far as the Premier League goes, he didn't have a clue. It's not all down to Davies though, there's plenty of blame to go around.

At the very least though, it could be worse. We're not Forest.....
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