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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Great game today between Arsenal and Liverpool. Arsenal started the hungrier side but let Liverpool back in, to be honest. And why Liverpool can't bring their European form to the Premiership I'll never know.

Assuming Man Utd dispatches Roma tomorrow, chances are looking better that an all-English final is on the cards. Personally I'd love to see it; I think it'd be miles better than the all-Italian snorefest of 2003. But I can see why the purists are against does defeat the purpose of this competition.

I think there will be a Liverpool v. Barcelona final. I loathe Barca and I want to see them get their asses handed to them, but sides like them have a knack for surviving, and the Wunderkind in Perpetual Need of a Haircut (Messi) will surely conjure up something to see them past Man Utd in the semis, I think.
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