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<ul><li>As reported by <A class="link" HREF=",0,3822047.column"></A>, <font color=yellow>George Takei</font> (Sulu) will be appearing on <i>Secret Talents of the Stars</i> which airs Tuesday, April 8 at 10 P.M. on CBS. Takei's "secret talent" will be singing country music.<p><li>In an interview with <A class="link" HREF="">New York Entertainment</A>, <font color=yellow>Patrick Stewart</font> (Picard) credited his seven years playing Jean-Luc Picard with changing his life. "I played that character for seven years," he explained. "One hundred and seventy-eight episodes week in, week out, four feature films. Those years were very productive, they were very important to me, and they changed my life in every aspect. I am proud of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', I am proud of the work we did, and I am proud of the character I played, because I know for a fact hes been an outstanding role model to people."<p><li>According to <A class="link" HREF="">Playbill</A>, <font color=yellow>Ethan Phillips</font> (Neelix) is playing the "Turkey Guy" in <font color=yellow>David Mamet's</font> comedy <i>November</i>. The play centers on the unpopular President Charles Smith and his bid for a second term and was inspired by the presidential habit of pardoning turkeys every Thanksgiving.</ul><center></center>
I heard some of George's singing on Chicago radio this morning. He was singing songs that had the word "fire" in them and when ever he sang that part, he would hesitate a moment and then bark out "FIRE!" In the background was bridge sound effects. It was scary...
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