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Re: Aren't we due for the next "Vanguard" novel?

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^ I've been informed by the admins that this is no longer a PG-13 - or even R - rated board language-wise.
I've been here for eight years. This was NEVER a PG-13/R board as far as language went. There were never any restrictions, other than keeping it out of the titles.
My apologies, my impressions were based on the old FAQ (which referenced movie ratings, IIRC) and the previously somewhat tamer (if not quite PG-13/R, as is inevitable in uncensored systems) board of the period of the TNZ crackdowns. I also didn't intend to be snide, if I may have come across that way. I'm not pleased with the increase in ribaldry on the board, but recognize it as my preference.
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