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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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Cylon Rebels... does that mean some of the 7 break off from the rest?

Rumor has it that several models are "wiped out." Don't know if that means "totally exterminated" or just a massacre.

Judging from the preview:

Six (Natalie) and Boomer are on the same side. They liberate (some of) the Centurions and use them to get their way.

I'll speculate Leoben is on their side too, since he's the spiritual type.

Cavil is obviously on the other side. It looked to me like Doral and Simon are running in terror or tossed to the side in an attack.

That leaves D'Anna/Three, who is boxed. I don't think they'll unbox her until later on when they need her to identify the Final Five, since she's the only one who has seen them.

My question is this: Will the Centurions say "By your command," when they are "liberated?" That'd be neat, just to have them say it (but nothing else).
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