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Re: Aren't we due for the next "Vanguard" novel?

^ I've been informed by the admins that this is no longer a PG-13 - or even R - rated board language-wise.

Aside from the Star Wars series (which I read only occasionally) and the now-defunct Harry Potter septalogy, the non-Star Trek series I follow consist only of the works of dead authors (mostly science fiction writers of the 20th Century, more than a few of whom regularly produced two or more novels a year, along with short works, but who will of course never write again).

Weirdly, though fewer Star Wars novels are released every year, I find the progress of that line more satisfying than Star Trek's. Aside from A Time To Kill, A Time To Heal, The Good That Men Do, Serpents Among the Ruins, and Crucible (particularly Provenance of Shadows), I've not liked any new Star Trek novel published this decade which wasn't either part of the Deep Space Nine relaunch or an installment of the Vanguard series. I haven't yet read Diane Duane's The Empty Chair, so that list may grow by one more (I loved The Romulan Way), but altogether, the Star Trek novel line has been less than I'd hoped, especially while the series I enjoy have produced only one novel between them in the last two years.

Alas, 2001-2003, when the relaunch produced four novels a year.
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