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Re: Would a Captain Sulu series have killed trek?

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I believe a Captain Sulu series would have worked 15 years ago. I would have certainly watched it, as I was in love with the Excelsior at the time and considered Sulu to be a Captain with mucho gravitas. I think the effect of such a series would have been a positive one, at least for me. I love the movie era Star Trek, it's my favorite. I love the ships, the uniforms, the technology, I love it all, and I would have happily continued on to whatever Trek afterward to see what awaited me.

With VOY, I didn't feel that way. Less than a season into it I started fading. I was still on a TNG high and didn't like the darker feel of DS9 (yet) but didn't like the clinical, bland feel of VOY (still don't). Now, your mileage may vary, but after VOY, I was hesitant to see what was next, because it just seemed, oh, I don't know, foreboding because if VOY had become milquetoast (and for me it was certainly that), what would follow?

So for me, yes a Captain Sulu series would have had a more positive effect. As for the franchise, I believe so as well.


15 years ago, huh?

Would you hired the Village People to sing the theme song, too?

Seriously though, I think a Captain Sulu show might have worked set in the 24th Century if Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa had played the Sulu's grandson. Especially, if Star Trek ever took and edgy turn.

Some may say he's getting up in year but he still looks like he could kick some ass.

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