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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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USS Jack Riley wrote:
Shaw One other question I had for you, totally unrelated to the above. Does the placement of the "rust ring" on the dorsal side of the primary hull lend itself to being the doors that blow off to allow escape boats or life pods to quickly evacuate the ship?
Actually, no... it is just different paneling that weathered differently than the older paneling.

I don't believe that TOS had lifeboats or the like. We aren't talking about ships in the same way that a ship on the ocean could sink... these ship's don't sink (what would they sink into?). Every compartment is able to support itself in case of an emergency, so that covers keeping people safe. In the case of the warp engines blowing up (or the like), the primary hull would be the lifeboat.

The other thing is that these compartments (specially the ones on the outer edge) are completely replaceable. The windows on the outer edge of the primary hull changed and sky light types of windows were added... those changes only effected the outer most ring of the primary hull, so maybe those compartments were replaced. And in the process, the material used to replace the ship's outer skin in those areas weathered differently than the rest of the ship (leaving the rust ring we see later).

It also means that when looking at the Constellation in TOS, the damage wasn't all that bad (totally fixable). And the wider primary hull in TMP works if wider outer compartments were used when refitting the ship.

Having these compartments solves a ton of issues in TOS... and even in Phase II and TMP.
I see. I was thinking about the lifeboats/lifepods we see in the Mirror Universe episode of Enterprise and that are littered all over the decks of TNG era vessels.

Since the Constitution Class Enterprise was designed with smooth surfaces to allow for as much work as possible to be done in a shirtsleeves environment, I figured there had to be lifeboats/lifepods that were behind hatches with explosive charges for immediate abandonment of the ship in case the primary hull fails to separate in an emergency or it suffers a catastrophic failure or other damage that renders abandoning the primary hull necessary. For an example of where this might be useful (although in this particular case it probably would not work give the close proximity of the planet, but you will be able to get an understanding for what I mean), take a look at what happened when the crew abandoned the secondary hull in Generations (dare I speak its name!). The primary hull gets smacked by the shock wave of the secondary hull's explosion and suffers damage as a result. Had they been further from the planet, it is conceivable that the crew could have used the lifeboats/lifepods on the saucer section, even as temporary shelter until the primary hull was repaired.

Just a thought. This is your project, and a fine one at that.

Back on the designation of the petrol/gas station convenience store on board, in my earlier post I forgot to mention the possibility of naming it the Ship's PX. It might be a stretch, and those with more recent military experience may be able to explain it better than me (I do not know if you are active/retired military), but a store like this might meet the needs that replicators cannot (like Rand's perfume, etc.). If I have succeeded in adding even more confusion to the whole naming of a simple little convenience store that was never seen on screen, but was referenced, then my job here is done!
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