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Re: Would a Captain Sulu series have killed trek?

Considering how UPN wanted their Star Trek (to hold them up as a network and play it safe) and the type of shows B&B put out, would it basically be Voyager-quality and Voyager-type scripts for Excelsior?

I thought a Takei/Excelsior series could've worked -- until I saw him on Voyager and realized how crappy he would've been as a lead.

I would've liked to have seen a series set during the red uniform era, but a better choice might've been to see a Harriman show. How does a rookie captain react to 1) the changing times in the Federation, and 2) Kirk dying on his watch. With Alan Ruck, I also think it might've been a good chance for the captain not to be the lead of the show. Make it more of an ensemble where the captain gets the "and" credit. Maybe make the first officer the star.
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