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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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The only thing better would be to be able to actually pan/zoom the 3D model. Dunno if you've ever looked into anything like this, but I'd suggest that you consider putting your work out as a "3D PDF" file.
I hadn't seen any of the 3D PDF stuff before.

Sadly, I'm still using mainly 20th century technology for all this (the perspective image was a shot of my old Constellation as a wireframe with the more complex decks distorted to match, and others drawn in by hand), but I started teaching myself Blender a couple weeks ago. I just haven't been home enough to either work on this stuff in the computer (most of my notes are hand drawn and then redrawn for the sketch images I post here) or learn Blender.

But yeah, it sounds like I really need to learn more about this 3D PDF stuff as (from what you described) it should be able to take output from some of my math apps (like Mathematica or Geomview) and make that information available to others without them needing specialize (and expensive) software.

Thanks for pointing this out!
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