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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Anyways... I thought it might be helpful to those having problems visualizing this layout to see a more 3D type of representation of the network so far.

Nice work... I've found that the good ol' "3D perspective" helps sell my less-3D-inclined peers and bosses when doing this professionally, too...

The only thing better would be to be able to actually pan/zoom the 3D model. Dunno if you've ever looked into anything like this, but I'd suggest that you consider putting your work out as a "3D PDF" file.

For any of you who aren't familiar with this... it costs to get the "writable" version but you can view the output with your basic Adobe Reader application that almost all of us have. There's lots of info on this page, plus you can download a "demo" PDF file that will show you just what you can (and CAN'T) do with it.

One nice feature is the ability to lock out features you don't want the end-user to have... for instance, to be able to alter the contents in any fashion... even to prevent people from making copies, as I understand.

There is other software out there which can do this as well, but the nice thing about this particular one is that it's basically OpenGL-based. That is... if your software package is capable of rendering in OpenGL, this application will simply intercept the OpenGL output of the application and create your 3D model from that, so it's pretty much totally application-independent. Everything else I've tried lacks that particular ability.

Go to this page to check it out...

(DISCLAIMER - No, I don't work for Adobe or get any form of "kickback"... I just like the abilities of the software! )
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