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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

TIN_MAN wrote:
Otherwise it seems there's a lot of distance to walk (or run) to get to a T/L station.
Well, because heavy equipment can be moved with anti-grav units and because walking is good exercise, I figured that the outer rings (which house mainly junior officers and enlisted cabins) would be the only section of the ship without direct turbolift access.

The main issue I had (beyond it eating more space) was that the primary access to the outer ring of deck 6 is via stairways from deck 5, so a turbolift going to ring 4 would bisection one of the compartments of ring 3 (which runs against compartments being able to be self contained units in emergencies). The compartments of that one ring are the only example of a compartment being effectively a single deck, which handicapped them quite a bit already.

FalTorPan wrote:
My gut feeling is that your design might require a bit more redundancy in order to accommodate criss-crossing cars, but without modeling the system in actual use, we cannot know whether this would actually be required.
One of the things that can over come traffic issues is traffic rules... for example loops are all one way, while branches are two way, cars leaving a branch give right of way for cars arriving, and other than two cars arriving at the same time, multi-alcove intersections should never have more than one stationary car (because that one car can serve more than one station). The rings would be holding patterns for most of the cars not in use, and if an occupied car passes a station calling for a car, it has to stop unless all six of the control handles are in use.

And even with all that automation, I assume that there is a dedicated turbolift service area and control center (otherwise why would Kirk have yelled at Uhura to get the bridge tube cleared?). I was thinking that a couple of stop stations would exist to pull cars during low traffic periods without completely pulling them (like for maintenance).

Reverend wrote:
Apologies, that's much easier to visualise than in 2D. For some reason I didn't see that the arcs in the saucer make a staggered loop.
See, this is what happens when you skip meetings!

FalTorPan wrote:
Group hug, everyone!
I had planned on those taking place on deck 7!
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