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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Shaw, perhaps my previous post was overlay harsh. If so, then I apologize.

On to your work... I like your turbolift layout very much. The partial rings that interconnect on different levels is basically a "spiral staircase" design that works well. I'm a fan of virtually all Trek deck plans that I've seen over the years, but I also think that many deck plan designs tend to partition the saucer decks too severely -- providing rapid access throughout the ship via turbolift, but hindering access within a single deck when traveling on foot. In my eyes, the worst offender is Deck F from the Starstation Aurora NCC-1701-A deck plans, which are very cool as a whole.

My gut feeling is that your design might require a bit more redundancy in order to accommodate criss-crossing cars, but without modeling the system in actual use, we cannot know whether this would actually be required.

Come to think of it, it might be fun to model crew movements within a starship interior, using crowd simulation software and knowledge of shift-change times, crew assignments to various stations, and deployment requirements during various alert scenarios... but that's a different topic altogether.
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