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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I'm impressed by your design ingenuity -- far less so by your often overly harsh attitude toward constructive criticism.
I guess it depends on what you consider constructive... Reverend posted about a half hour after I put up the first network layout and he suggested things that were already part of the design. It is sort of like showing someone an idea for a car and they turn around and say it would be cool if you put wheels on it (when they are already there).

Frankly, I'm still hoping it was a joke.

But I would point out that this layout was given constructive criticism by you and Cary back on page three which was used to revise my original idea.

Constructive criticism should be able to withstand constructive criticism, just as much as any of my original work can. The best constructive criticism proves itself as being able to withstand scrutiny, and the only way to scrutinize is to question what is being put forward. If people are looking to be drive-by critics, they shouldn't expect to be taken seriously.

Reverend has contributed a lot, but in his very first post in this thread he said that he wasn't going to read the first 10 pages (where we talked about a lot of this stuff). So sure, he might not have read all of that, but the elements he suggested are still quite clearly on the plans... which leaves me hoping for another option other than he would have written what he wrote no matter what I put up.

If that is overly harsh, there isn't much I can do about it.
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