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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

On the whole subject of the ships stores/civilian shop. While I concede that they probably would extend such a service, I disagree that they'd have a facility specifically dedicated to said service. It's not like they often carry non-starfleet passengers on a regular basis or in any significant numbers and they may visit only a handful of colonies in an given year. Whatever they use for normal fabrication/recycling should suffice. I only mentioned the Nazi uniform as off the top of my head it seamed the most elaborate case of "away clothes", not just for the clothes so much as the paraphernalia. As for McCoy's boots, as I recall they were the right size, he just didn't know how to put on jackboots.

As for the turboshafts, it's an tnteresting layout, however I think it needs a little more in terms of redundancy and alternate routes, keeping in mind there could be, say a dozen or so cars whizzing about the place at any one time. Just to avoid bottlenecking as much as possible without ending up with more turboshafts than corridors. A tricky balancing act to be sure.
Also, I wonder if there shouldn't be a place for spare turbo cars to park off the main network, like the odd alcove or lay-by so if two cars are going in opposite directions down the same stretch, one can wait for the other to pass. There may even be a workshop where they go in for maintenance, somewhere in the secondary hull I imagine.
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