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Re: netflix's instant watch

watermelony2k wrote: View Post
Oh, how convenient! Nice. Even though the quality is a bit grainy, its nice to be able to watch, say Jeremiah!
I get regular DVD quality, crystal clear.

It all depends on the quality of your download speed.

I'll add: Some people get NetFlix for the DVDs and use the instant view as a nice little perk. I use NetFlix for the instant view, and consider the physical DVDs to be a nice little (but nearly unnecessaty) perk.

Add #2: I hear rumor that NetFlix is looking into the feasibility of streaming it's Instant View service over Xbox Live!

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
It is free. They changed it several months ago so that you can watch as many as you want.
Point of order: It's only free and unlimited as long as your DVD plan is unlimited, even if you are only on the "One DVD out at a time" plan. IIRC all but the ONE super-cheap plan falls under this category.
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