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My Star Trek Fake Footage Contest Entry

Over the past two weeks, and have sponsored a contest to see who could create the best "fake footage" from J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek movie.

More details about the contest here...

and here...

So below is my entry. I've worked on it for two weeks, but it took that long to model the saucer and the shuttles. I actually did this shot(animation, rendering, compositing) in less than 24 hours. Obviously, because I had less than 24 hours to do it, it's a bit subpar, but I think it came out pretty well anyway. I wish I had more time to tweak, but oh well.

YouTube high quality here...

Vimeo HD here...

The concept is that the Enterprise components are built on Earth, and the pieces are hauled up into space by tug shuttles using tractor beams. This is the saucer section being lifted into orbit. Let me know what you guys think.

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