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Re: series 6,, what will it be like

In Star Trek:Online, Federation is adapting Borg transwarp technology, isnīt it?

So what about giant transwarp hub with connections in this and other galaxies and with high probabillity of hitting dimensional and temporal anomalies/glitches. Except of Federation ship(s) they woud have Klingons and Romulans as their protection. Romulan would be one of main characters.Ferengi would be very different and klingon - influenced by this era ( constant klingon occupation force would be only thing that would keep Grand Nagus Rom in power).Kelvans would be primary adversaries, at least for time being.
So we would have:
- Stationary base
- Unlimited research
- Reminding us that Janeway, Seven of nine and their contribution to mankindīs technology were the best thing since sliced bread....

Everobody wins!
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