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Re: Katee Sackhoff: Genre babe of the week #15 (Apr. 2008)

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^ So how long until a certain someone starts with her show that is being made by the same guy when she played a slayer. The problem is when it's someone many people haven't heard of.
I've got LOTS of actresses lined up and ready to go with pictures. It's just that I time their releases when they have stuff coming out so that there's variety, I don't use up all the good ones right off the bat, and people will stop asking when's so-and-so going to be a GBOW.

Plus if you're really curious as to who's coming up, it's really easy to find out for yourself based on the release date of their sci fi/fantasy/horror/suspense/thriller/comic book/video game/action movie, or if they've got a TV show airing new episodes.

And the low votes for Rachael Taylor and Camilla Belle post-board move are the lowest of the low. Even the unknowns from before like Karen Cliche or Elizabeth Banks got a lot more votes on the first day. Something has changed in the voting habits post-board move and I don't know why.
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