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Re: Who Watches the Watchers?

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I always found this episode to be a big yawner. It's doesn't do much for me at all.
Well, I wouldn't go qiute as far as you did, but I agree, it wasn't one of my favorites either.
I did like this episode when it first aired, but over time it starts to lose its luster. First, there were the similarities to TOS's "The Paradise Syndrome", from Native American-type alien races revering the Enterprise captains as gods ("Kirok" and "The Picard"), to their seeing a miracle and expecting more, and eventually the revelation the captains aren't gods when they're seen bleeding from injuries. With the multi airing of "WWTW" though, it more looks like the crew is treating the natives so simple-mindedly. First, there's the scene Troi greets them (" Troi. Riker"). It's rather strange they'd use their real names. After all, wouldn't they be as strange to the natives as "The Picard"? Troi then tries to dismiss Liko's encounter as some sort of dream, but he quickly shoots her down and the natives more support him than her. Having Nuria beamed onboard the Enterprise was questionable at best. It's fortunate all she did was kneel down instead of going into massive shock from seeing what's really a whole new world to her. This eventually culminates to the scene where Picard is shot with the arrow. Did anyone else think the stunt scene was lame? The stuntman actually jolts backward like he's being shot with a whaling harpoon! There's no way an arrow would direct that much force no matter how fast it's shot. Like I said, this episode may have been above average from its first airing, but after repated showings, it's really under average as a result from such ridiculous factors mentioned above.
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