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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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So what specifically would you suppose would be on offer in this shop? I ask because I honestly can't think of anything other than knick knacks that wouldn't already be obtainable though the galley or the QM...
Why don't we start over again... but this time, do a quick search of the term QuarterMaster with regards to the Navy... when you are done, reread the thread starting with the first time I bring up the ship's stores. What I'm seeing is that you are really hard set on using the term QuarterMaster, which might be fine for the army... but not the navy.

The term was only used once that I know of in TOS, and that was in front of an Air Force officer. And even though that officer was Captain John Christopher, he was given a uniform with Lieutenant's stripes (his equivalent naval rank).
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